This site is a digital copy of the 1997 BMC guidebook to rock climbing in Lancashire

Crucifix Area

  • 1 - Sepulchre

    Grade: | First Ascent: -1996
    Rating: 0

    The wide, block-filled crack on the right-hand side of the wall.

  • 2 - Crucifixion

    Grade: 6a | First Ascent: -1996
    Rating: 0

    Midway between the left-facing corner and Sepulchre is an inverted-crucifix crack. Climb this to a yew at the top.

  • 3 - Barabbas

    Grade: 5b | First Ascent: -1996
    Rating: 0

    From a good flake hold on the arĂȘte, cross a scoop to gain a flake at the top of Crucifixion. A direct entry to the scoop is possible at 6b.

  • 4 - Landmark Corner

    Grade: 4b | First Ascent: -1996
    Rating: 0

    The shallow, left-facing corner leads to the break, then finish diagonally to the right.