This site is a digital copy of the 1997 BMC guidebook to rock climbing in Lancashire

Yellow Wall

  • 17 - Steal Your Fire

    Grade: 5c | First Ascent: -1993
    Rating: 0

    Climb the very right edge of Yellow Wall, then move up and left to gain a left-slanting crack. Traverse the breaks leftwards, then move up to gain the prominent crescent-shaped crack. Pull over a small overlap above, move left of this, then finish direct up easy ground.

  • 18 - Teardrop

    Grade: 5c | First Ascent: -1989
    Rating: 1

    Midway between shot mark `155.05` and the right arête of Yellow Wall is a light teardrop stain directly below a tree at the top of the crag. Start at the right side of the teardrop and climb between the horizontal cracks on widely spaced holds, passing the foot of a left-slanting crack near the top.

  • 19 - Willy the Dish

    Grade: 5a | First Ascent: -1978
    Rating: 0

    Start two metres to the right of shot mark `155.05` and climb directly up cracks to the top.

  • 20 - Earth Eater

    Grade: 4c | First Ascent: -1978
    Rating: 0

    Start at the shot mark and climb as directly as possible, moving right near the top.

  • 20a - The Vindicatrix

    Grade: 5c | First Ascent: -1999
    Rating: 1

    Start just left of shot mark ‘155.05’. Climb the wall direct from the lowest point of the prominent crescent-shaped crack. Use the thin diagonal crack just left to climb up and rightwards across the smooth shield of rock above. Finish up the easier final wall.

  • 20b - Mellow Yellow

    Grade: 5a | First Ascent: -2001
    Rating: 0

    Start from a block two metres left of shot mark 155. Step right and climb the black streak direct to the crescent-shaped crack. Move right and finish direct past a ledge with a flowery bush. Belay on the half way ledge or finish up the easy ridge above.

  • 21 - Street Boy Blues

    Grade: 5c | First Ascent: -1978
    Rating: 1

    Start four metres to the left of the shot mark and move up to two, parallel thin cracks. Climb to the bulge and pass this using the obvious diagonal crack. The final wall is easier.

  • 22 - Sleeping Balls

    Grade: 4c | First Ascent: -1978
    Rating: 0

    A semi-girdle. Follow Street Boy Blues to the rising crack at three metres, then follow this and finish on the right.

  • 22a - Early Riser

    Grade: 5a | First Ascent: -2001
    Rating: 0

    A high girdle of Yellow Wall above Sleeping Balls. Start in a corner on the left of Street Boy Blues. Climb along the thin crack to join Street Boy at the thin parallel cracks, then continue at the same level to reach the crescent-shaped crack. Cross Earth Eater and traverse to the end of the wall. Tree belay.

  • 22b - Yellow Peril

    Grade: 5c | First Ascent: -2001
    Rating: 0

    Climb over blocks to a ledge about three metres right of the corner of Owl Surprise. Climb via a horizontal ? to a short, vertical, bulging crack. Pull over the bulges to easy ground and climb the upper wall pleasantly to a tree belay.

  • 23 - Owl Surprise

    Grade: | First Ascent: -1988
    Rating: -1

    Climbs the corner between Yellow Wall and Main Wall, starting up the pedestal and dangerous-looking flake. Finish pleasantly on Yellow Wall.