This site is a digital copy of the 1997 BMC guidebook to rock climbing in Lancashire

Black Brook Buttress

  • 55 - Wisden

    Grade: 5b | First Ascent: -1995
    Rating: 0

    Start at the extreme left side of the solid buttress, directly below a faint crack and climb the wall just to the right side of this to the top.

  • 56 - More Mad than Sad

    Grade: 5a | First Ascent: -1993
    Rating: 0

    Start as for Wisden and move diagonally right past blocky holds to the horizontal break at five metres. Follow this rightwards then aim for the top just over a metre before the arête.

  • 57 - More Sad than Mad

    Grade: 5b | First Ascent: -1993
    Rating: 0

    Climb the left side of the arête to a groove capped by an overhang. Step right at the overhang to finish on the right side of the arête.

  • 58 - Bastille Day

    Grade: 4b | First Ascent: -1980
    Rating: 1

    The obvious shallow chimney near the left edge.

  • 59 - Bomber

    Grade: 4b | First Ascent: -1980
    Rating: 0

    Mantel on to a sloping ledge 11/2 metres farther right, then follow the corner crack to the top.

  • 60 - Stumped

    Grade: 4c | First Ascent: -1995
    Rating: 0

    The shallow depression in the wall one metre right of the corner is climbed to a ledge on the arête. Finish up a short wall.