This site is a digital copy of the 1997 BMC guidebook to rock climbing in Lancashire

The Pit Area

  • 1 - Burgess

    Grade: 5a | First Ascent: -1985
    Rating: 0

    Four metres to the left of the corner/groove, follow a series of widely spaced holds which lead to a break in the overhang.

  • 2 - Third Man

    Grade: 6a | First Ascent: -1985
    Rating: 0

    Climb the wall one metre left of the arête, then step left to a blind crack and finish directly over the roof.

  • 3 - MacLean

    Grade: 4a | First Ascent: -1985
    Rating: 0

    Climb the corner/groove to the roof, then step right to an easy finish. A direct finish is possible, but the rock quality is poor and a long reach is necessary.

  • 4 - Fisherman`s Friend

    Grade: 4c | First Ascent: -1996
    Rating: 0

    Eight metres to the right is a buttress with an overlap near its top. Start at a short corner, then climb the narrow wall, taking the overlap at its centre and finishing with a committing mantel.

  • 5 - Fishface

    Grade: | First Ascent: -1996
    Rating: 0

    A little farther right above a jumble of blocks is a fishhead feature. Climb into the eye, then finish easily up the arête. Often wet.

  • 6 - Gay Deceiver

    Grade: 4b | First Ascent: -1984
    Rating: 1

    The blunt arête on the left-hand side of the buttress.

  • 7 - Hold in the Wall

    Grade: 5b | First Ascent: -1984
    Rating: 1

    From a small inverted triangular niche pull up right into the centre of the wall then climb this via `The Hold` (peg near the top).

  • 8 - Forbidden Fruit

    Grade: 5c | First Ascent: -1984
    Rating: 0

    The twin cracks just to the right.