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Sunny Wall

After 25 metres of more broken, easy-angled rock, the crag increases in height at a bowl surrounded by trees. This is Sunny Wall. At the left end of the wall a three-metre high block stands at the foot of the crag and a large ash grows up against the face.

Sunshine Factor :
Afternoon Sun - West Facing
Approach : 15 minutes
Crag Angle : Vertical Face

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(27) Hedera Wall

Grade: D First Ascent: (Pre-1991)
Rating: Zero Stars
Climb the wall two metres past the block.

(28) Sunny Groove

Grade: D First Ascent: -1974
Rating: Zero Stars
Start one metre to the right and climb a shallow groove directly above large blocks.

Just before the ground level drops away, there is a one-metre high flake at the base of the crag.

(29) T` Owd Man

Grade: VD First Ascent: (Pre-1991)
Rating: 1 Star -
From the flake, climb the wall direct. A good steep route.

(30) T` Owd Trout

Grade: VD First Ascent: (Pre-1991)
Rating: Zero Stars
An attractive climb. One metre to the right, ascend the obvious shallow cracked groove.


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